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It's all online!

No matter where you are in the world, you can attend the Modern Calligraphy Summit. It's a virtual conference that takes place over two weeks. Read on to learn more!

About the Summit


Never before have nine of your favorite modern calligraphers come together to help you improve your lettering. Now you can learn from the best without the need to travel.


The Summit is perfect for beginners, but if you want to go beyond the basics, we've got you covered with lessons ranging from envelope layouts to floral embellishments.


We know your schedule's tight, so we give you lifetime access to your video lessons once they're released. Watch whenever you want, and as many times as you need to.


9+ Hours of instruction

Each instructor teaches her own 45-90 minute video lesson on a different topic, so you'll get in-depth instruction on a variety of topics and in a variety of styles.

Handouts & Supply Lists

Each lesson comes with a printable handout. You'll also get a short list of recommended supplies, so you can use what you have or purchase only what you need.

Private Community

Within our friendly and supportive private Facebook community, you can ask questions, get feedback and share your work with other students from around the world.


Meet Your Instructors

These ladies are here to teach you all about modern calligraphy!

Click a photo below to view an instructor's Instagram feed.

The SchedulE

Video lessons are released every other day, so you'll have a day between each lesson to catch up and practice! Plus, your video lessons never expire - so if you're busy, you can come back and watch them whenever you have time.

Day 1: Beginning Calligraphy with Laura Hooper

Day 2: Developing Your Own Style with Fozzy Castro-Dayrit

Day 3: Flourishing with Victoria Rothwell

Day 4: Floral Embellishments with Annie Mertlich

Day 5: Creating Layouts for Envelopes and Beyond with Anne Robin

Day 6: Digitizing and Preparing for Print with Ashley Buzzy

Day 7: Brush Lettering with Pens and Markers with Drew Europeo

Day 8: Brush Lettering with Watercolor with Nicole Miyuki Santo

Day 9: Brush Lettering with Gouache with Alissa Mazzenga

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Discover the calligraphy tools recommended by the pros, and find out how you can enroll in the Summit!

What's included?

  • Free instant access to "Top Tools for Calligraphers," a super-useful cheat sheet that lists all of our instructors' favorite nibs, pen holders, inks, paper, and more.
  • A follow-up video chat with our instructors, walking you through their favorite tools and giving you tips and tricks along the way.
  • A second video chat with our instructors, giving insight to their calligraphy businesses and explaining how calligraphy has impacted their lives.
  • You'll be the first to know when enrollment opens!