The sections below include:

  1. A photo of the recommended product
  2. The name of the product
  3. A brief description, if needed
  4. The lessons in which the product is used

Each recommendation is also linked to an online retailer, though you may need to find a different online or local seller depending on which country you're in.

Just the Basics

These tools will get you started with beginning calligraphy, developing your own style, brush lettering with pens and watercolors, and floral embellishments with a dip pen.

Beyond the Basics

If you're ready to move beyond the beginning tools, this section is for you. In it you'll find more intermediate nibs, as well as different papers to experiment with. You'll also find the tools needed for creating floral embellishments with watercolor paints, for creating layouts for projects and envelopes, for brush lettering with gouache, and for digitizing your work.